Mr. James E. Batts
(Principal from 1948-1959)

Mr. James E. Batts was chosen as CHS's first principal.  Inherent to this huge assignment was the task of providing leadership, planning the school's future and an ongoing lobbying effort with Edgecombe county School Board officials for much needed supplies and equipment.   Progress toward the formation of a high school came, appropriately, through the involvement of parents, teachers, students and the entire community.  Mr. Batts promoted this concept by actively being involved in the community and civic organizations.  The manner in which he gave of himself exemplified his leadership and the high caliber person he was.  In most cases, he went well beyond the normal expectations of a high school principal.  Perhaps Mr. Batts' dreams for CHS had been fulfilled or maybe he felt because of the period of time in which we lived, he had accomplished all he could for the school and its people.  By the fall of 1956, CHS would no longer thrive under the superior leadership and guidance of Mr. Batts.
Mr. Neil A. McLean
(Principal from 1959-1971)
Mr. Neil A. McLean served as our second principal succeeding Mr. James E. Batts.  He, through the remaining years, proved to be equally dedicated to developing the school academically.  Mr. McLean provided expert leadership and instituted several new programs during his tenure.  Having the philosophy that "education cannot be achieved in a vacuum"; he sought to include parents, teachers and students in the total educational process.  He implemented the Adult Education Program to help educate parents and adults who had been denied this right because of different circumstances in their lives.