Kay F. Andrews
Lucy Amstrong
Hattie Amstrong
Victor Baker
Orange Barnes
George Bridgers
William Bridgers
Katie Bryant
Wilbert Bryant
Mattie R. Carney
Lessie Cephus
James M. Dickens
Mozella Dickens"
Joyce Exum
Mildred Glast
Thomas Glast
William Harrison
Lucy LaForest Hill
Roosevelt Hinton
Minnie Howell
Russell Howell
The below information is not available:
*Honor Students
Gladys Hyman
Dorothy Ree Jones
Fred Jones
Jessie Jones
Audrey Lathan
Mary Lyons
Richard Morris
James Porter
George Purvis
Johnny Roberson
Minnie R. Ruffin
Georgianna Sharpe
Robert Earl Slade
Lizinkia Speaker
Robert Speaker
Ella Staton
George Suggs
Gloria Jean Suggs
Bessie Whitehead
Claudine Wilkins
Milton Wilkins
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