Kay F. Andrews
Lucy Amstrong
*Hattie Amstrong
*Victor Baker
*Orange Barnes
*George Bridgers
*William Bridgers

Katie Bryant
*Wilbert Bryant
*Mattie R. Carney
Lessie Cephus
James M. Dickens
Mozella Dickens"
Joyce Exum
*Mildred Glast
Thomas Glast
William Harrison
Lucy LaForest Hill (Deceased)
Roosevelt Hinton
Minnie Howell
Russell Howell

The below information is not available:
*Honor Students
Gladys Hyman
Dorothy Ree Jones
Fred Jones
*Jessie Jones
Audrey Lathan
Mary Lyons
Richard Morris
*James Porter
*George Purvis
Johnny Roberson
Minnie R. Ruffin
Georgianna Sharpe
Robert Earl Slade
Lizinkia Speaker
*Robert Speaker
Ella Staton
*George Suggs
Gloria Jean Suggs
Bessie Whitehead
Claudine Wilkins
*Milton Wilkins

IMPORTANT:  If your name is omitted from the above list, please send an email to conetoe@conetoe.org.
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